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DECEMBER 17, 2018


Are there consequences to providing salary requirements on a job application?

QUESTION: Why do job applications ask for desired salary? What are the consequences of giving a number too low or too high?

Answered by Jessica: There can be consequences. Let’s talk about why, what can you do instead, and how to be prepared for the salary question in your interview.…..read more.

How Do I Ask Someone Out From Work?

QUESTION: How do I ask Someone out from work?

Answered by Jonna: I love handing out dating advice and scheming on ways to casually get into someone's line of sight, but when it comes to workplace romance, I need to just say STOP. This is not the place, the time, nor the person you want to pursue…..read more.

How Do I Get My Peer to Stop Acting Like My Boss?

QUESTION: There's a guy on my team who approaches me as if I work for him -- bossy, asks me to stop working on some things and focus on others -- and while it feels unintentional, how do I help him understand we're peers and he's not my boss?

Answered by Jessica: Many of us have been here before... you have that bossy peer who acts like they're above you or who's unwilling to learn with you and treat you like a peer. I’ve handled it wrong before, but here’s how to handle it correctly.….read more.

How Do I Avoid Sharing a Hotel Room on a Work Trip?

QUESTION: I have an upcoming work trip and my company is trying to save money. One of my colleagues and someone I'm friendly with suggested we share a hotel room to save on expenses. I'm not comfortable with that. How do I respond without coming off as rude to her or not judicious of our finances?

Answered by Jonna: Assuming your coworker is either the same gender and/or not interested in you sexually, there’s two ways to handle this…..read more.