How Do I Ask Someone Out From Work?

How do I ask someone out from work?

Question: What's the best way to ask out someone from work? I'm a mid-30's guy, in an Executive-level position but the girl I'm interested in doesn't report to me.

Answered by: Jonna

Ok, I love handing out dating advice and scheming on ways to casually get into someone's line of sight, but when it comes to workplace romance, I need to just say STOP.

This is not the place, the time, nor the person you want to pursue.

There are a couple of reasons here: First and foremost, read the news. It's full of stories from the workplace of women and their take on being pursued at work. Don't make a woman feel uncomfortable or put her in an awkward position of being approached in her work place for a date. Especially if you're in a position of power...that's just asking for trouble.

Also, this answer isn’t just for men. It’s for all people, no matter how you identify.

If you're so lucky that you or this woman switch companies in the near future, by all means, take a leap and ask her out. But until then, don't dip your pen in the company ink.

Finally, allow me to get nit-picky on one thing in your question - please stop calling the women you work with girls. They have jobs, careers, they've graduated high school, probably have a college degree, (need I point out that they've also passed puberty?)... let's refer to them as women, ok?

Jessica Eggert