How Do I Avoid Sharing a Hotel Room on a Work Trip?

How to avoid sharing a hotel room on a work trip

QUESTION: I have an upcoming work trip and my company is trying to save money. One of my colleagues and someone I'm friendly with suggested we share a hotel room to save on expenses. I'm not comfortable with that. How do I respond without coming off as rude to her or not judicious of our finances?

Answered By: Jonna

I'm going to assume that your coworker is either the same gender and/or not interested in you sexually. (If the case is otherwise, we have a whole other situation on our hands.)

I recommend two ways to handle this: First - before you respond - check with HR or your travel department to see if they have any rules around booking. If they do, fantastic, you can lean on those, throw your hands up with a shrug and say "Well, looks like we don't have a choice!" Also, your travel department might even require that you make the booking through them. Again, they'll probably put you in separate rooms.

If you don't have a travel company, and maybe HR isn't weighing in, the other option is to take the path of the graceful decline: "Ah, I know, but I think we can get a pass on this one and get separate rooms. I think we'll more than make up with it inefficiencies in the morning - showers, bathroom, the coffee maker, etc." You can take this as far as you like, touting your habits of being a finicky, restless sleeper, snoring, leaving the lights on, etc.

And sometimes, you can simply answer with a laugh and "Wouldn't that be a disaster!" and then proceed to book your own room.

Jessica Eggert