Companies that offer the best personal, individualized experiences to customers experience higher revenue growth and improved brand standing and loyalty.



A consumer’s experience is a combination of all interactions that an individual has with your brand, products, and company. From interactions with customer support, how they buy a product, how the company connects itself to social issues, to the perception of how the company treats its employees.

When you get provide a unique, consistent and positive customer experience, your investment gets you loyal consumers who make your brand a part of their habits and lifestyle and spread your services via word of mouth, as well as reduced marketing budgets and highly increased profits.


  • Consumers aren’t able to connect to our company’s mission & brand.

  • Our company is unable to connect with women and people of color.

  • Our customers don’t believe we provide superior experiences.

  • We are spending a ton of money on media buys and campaigns, and have little engagement.



An employee’s experience is a combination of all interactions that an employee has in connection with its company. From conversations with recruiters and  management, interactions with internal portals, to a referral request post employment. EX is about providing employees with unique, defining experiences that align with your culture, brand and mission.

When you get EX right, you end up with engaged employees that create top work product, refer top talent, speak out on your behalf through social channels and face-to-face communications, and improve profitability and productivity.


  • Our employees are disengaged from the company and brand.

  • We need to start or grow our diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives.

  • Employee engagement surveys show low engagement, low belief in our leadership, low belief in our products and services, and/or a low feeling of belonging.

  • We can’t retain women and people of color in the company.

Companies that engage and enable their employees achieve up to 4.5x more revenue than those who don’t.
Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies than their less engaged counterparts (and $11B is lost annually due to employee turnover)